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Illustrated throughout, largely in color, this monograph explores the multidisciplinary studio practice of Daniel Rothbart (b.1966).  Rothbart’s oeuvre, through a variety of media, considers the relationship between nature, urban postmodern identity, and metaphysics. Thoughtful essays by John Perreault and Varda Genossar together with Enrico Pedrini’s interview with the artist examine Rothbart’s work. Resonant vessel sculptures, wall pieces derived from natural growth forms and serpentine, floating sculptural installations in the canals of Venice are lavishly documented. Collaborative performers animate Rothbart’s vessel sculptures, filling the basins with transient meaning in a project titled Meditation | Mediation. This work analyzesuncertain relationships that occur between the artwork, contingencies of daily life, contextuality, personal reflection, and the collective identity. A body of Rothbart’s collage work is also featured, which explores American cultural identity, Hollywood, and the transmutation of meaning through new virtual spaces inhabited by his sculpture. Naples, Italy: Ulisse & Calipso Edizioni Mediterranee, 2010. First edition. Hardcover. 208 p.


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