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Seeing Naples: Reports from the Shadow of Vesuvius

PRESS RELEASE REVIEWS RADIO Seeing Naples at Hudson Hall, Daniel Rothbart in dialogue with Joe Donahue, The Roundtable, WAMC National Public Radio, Albany, NY, April 3, 2019. Daniel Rothbart – Seeing Naples: Reports from the Shadow of Vesuvius, Daniel Rothbart in dialogue with Gabrielle Euvino and Linda Saccoman, Tutto Italiano!, Ulster County Italian American Foundation, […]

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Daniel Rothbart: Works 1988-2009

SYNOPSIS Illustrated throughout, largely in color, this monograph explores the multidisciplinary studio practice of Daniel Rothbart (b.1966).  Rothbart’s oeuvre, through a variety of media, considers the relationship between nature, urban postmodern identity, and metaphysics. Thoughtful essays by John Perreault and Varda Genossar together with Enrico Pedrini’s interview with the artist examine Rothbart’s work. Resonant vessel […]

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Jewish Metaphysics as Generative Principle in American Art

SYNOPSIS Rothbart traces the influence of Judaism and Jewish thought on the development of American art, beginning with Abstract Expressionism and arriving at the Conceptual Art of the 1960’s. He suggests that the affinity between Jewish artists, critics, and collectors, and the new abstract art, was at some level conditioned by the second commandment of […]

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The Story of the Phoenix : La storia della fenice

SYNOPSIS In his Story of the Phoenix, Rothbart expands on his idea of Semiotic Street Sculpture, objects that he placed in public spaces to observed how they both changed and were changed by the environments they inhabit. This book presents a similar project in which scanned images of sculptures are digitally placed in, primarily, film […]

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More Fugitive Than Light: Poems of Rome, Venice, Paris, 2016-2017

by Richard Milazzo Collages by Daniel Rothbart Tsukuda Island Press / Publication date: July 2024 Price: $27.00 paperback / ? Pages / ISBN: ? Available at and various other book vendors Since both the writer, Richard Milazzo (who cannot bear the nomenclature ‘poet’ in what he calls a world of Global Corporate Imperialism, […]

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